Why Cabinets Are a Great Investment

Why Cabinets Are a Great Investment

Cabinets are a critical part of your kitchen and provide storage for all your food and cooking supplies. But they can also add personality to your space and create a focal point for your room.

Why our cabinets, Paint shows dirt, coffee drips, and spaghetti sauce, but a hardwood like oak or hickory hides marks much better.


Stock cabinets, prefabricated units built in standard cabinet sizes and sold by home improvement or design stores, are a quick option that can be purchased on the same day as you shop. Semi-custom cabinets allow for slightly more customization but still fall under the category of “vending machine” options; they aren’t built until a customer makes an order, resulting in lost down payments or delayed projects due to back and forth between the manufacturer and purchaser.

Custom cabinets offer a more expansive selection of profiles, door styles, and finishes, including rub-through enhancements for a rustic look or hand-applied glaze to capture a traditional feel. They also are made using domestic hardwoods, supporting the local economy and alleviating concerns regarding environmental impact. They are also constructed to last, with the durability to withstand daily wear and tear from children or pets and the versatility to blend seamlessly with adjoining rooms. All of this can be done on your budget and in a timely fashion.


The Cabinet, a group of the President’s top advisors for each executive branch department, is one of the most durable and powerful parts of our government. There are few requirements to be in the Cabinet, beyond a background check and confirmation by Congress.

Kitchen cabinets, however, can break down after five to ten years of use. That’s when many homeowners start to see their money go down the drain, paying for extra labor to fix drooping doors, rattling drawers and warped frames.

Choosing a cabinet material that can stand up to everyday wear and tear is key. Melamine and thermofoil offer good durability, resisting scratches and scuffs and cleaning easily year after year. Solid wood, on the other hand, reacts to humidity and can warp over time. However, a quality piece crafted with furniture-grade plywood is resistant to this natural change and can last much longer than lower-quality materials.


Solid wood cabinets offer a classic beauty that never goes out of style. That means they won’t lose value over time like other trends, but will retain the resale value that you’ve invested in them. That’s a great thing to keep in mind if you’re planning on moving sometime in the future.

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